About Us

The history of Geek Corner

Sub-Zero Comics was founded in 2014 by Lesley and David as Stockton's only comic book shop. Later that year Sammie would come on board through an apprenticeship scheme to help the business grow. 

By 2016 Sammie had finished her apprenticeship and opened her own business within the premesis named Tinker-Harley Emporium, specialising in trading card singles. 

In 2017 Sub-Zero Comics and Tinker Harley Emporium would merge as they looked for new premesis to trade from - and thus Geek Corner was born. 

Since Geek Corner's inception it has been a labor of love for Lesley, David & Sammie as well as their regular volunteers; Helen, James & Josh. 

We provide a safe space for people from all walks of life and always have time for a chat about the latest super-hero show or fan theory! 

We strive to make our store as accessible as possible and will do all we can to make sure your visit is welcoming.